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Diane L Fisher

Hi my name is Diane L Fisher

How did I go from unemployed, single mom to college graduate, back to unemployed single mom, to school bus driver, and finally successful business owner.

In 1982 I graduated high school as a typical, fall through the cracks, young adult.  I didn’t have a need for college, there was to much world out there to see.  Besides that, I lived in a home with my alcoholic father, and I always had the will and determination that when I turned 18, I would make it on my own.  So I moved away from my home town (far away) and began my new, independent life in the big world.  It didn’t take me long to realize the struggles a young person had to endure just to live when the home I was living in burned to the ground because of an electrical problem.  I lost everything I owned (which wasn’t much at that time).  I moved back to my home town and soon after that my oldest child was born. I vowed, as most new parents do, that I would do everything right for this child within my power.  Well let me tell you I made some huge mistakes.  I got involved with who I thought was the man of my dreams just to be abused physically and mentally and to have to take my child and run for our protection.  He went to prison, as I was expecting my second child, for robbing a bank.  I knew I had to make a change in my life, so I decided to go to college.  I graduated with an associate’s degree in 1991 in architectural drafting.

My Eye I landed a good job with a home building company and I thought the world was mine.  Until the day I went in to work to be confronted with the fact that they were eliminating my position.  They handed me my severance pay and I was again an unemployed single mom. I soon found out they eliminated my position to develop a new position for the presidents sister who needed a job.  I decided to become a school bus driver as my mom had done for many years, as it allowed me to be at home with my children.  I home schooled my oldest through 6th and 7th grade which was very successful.  I decided to begin my career in Network Marketing.  I joined a company and did everything my up line told me, and failed miserably!  I gave that up and started with another MLM and failed again.  I always knew there must be an easier way to advance with Network Marketing.


Diane SillyI had exhausted my list of 100 friends and family members.  In fact, they would avoid me like the plague.  They got to the point they would run the other direction or not answer the telephone in fear of what I was going to try to sell to them this time.  I began my search on the internet for that easier way I knew must be there.  That is when a change started to happen for me.  I began reading all the books and e-books I could on self help and mindset.  I joined a lead system and took all the free training I could possibly stand.  I began my Internet Marketing journey and put all the burning desire to succeed that the past in my life had taught me.  Day after day I worked to build myself into the woman I am today, leveraging the internet goldmine.

I have had more growth and success in my business than ever before since I discovered the right way to build my business.  My confidence level has risen to the point that I am an unstoppable force.

I own a very successful, seasonal wreath making business Wreath Makers, that has exploded since I first have been introduced to internet marketing and the Law Of Attraction.

I am designing websites for my clients who desire to eliminate the hassle of the design process but still want to feel like they have control over the posts on the site.  I am developing your websites to be search engine optomized, teaching you how to post and handing you the keys.  I can also set up all of your Social Media and train you how to manage it to make you the internet superstar you deserve to be.  If this interests you, go to the page Lets Stay In Touch and send me a message.  I will get back with you as soon as possible.

I am looking for like minded people to rise to the top with me!!!  Only the strong will survive, so this call is not for the weak.  Space is limited; as I want to make sure I can handle each client on a one on one basis, so I don’t want to many people at one time.

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